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Pet Burial Pods

100% green, biodegradable, pet urns and caskets – created from sustainable bamboo and rice husk + biodegradable in four years

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Our 5-Star Rated Product:
The FishPod

Moms love this product!
Fits Pet Goldfish, Beta Fish, Small African Cichlids, and other Small Pet Aquarium Fish

FishPod for Goldfish, Beta Fish, Tropical Fish, African Cichlids, Aquarium Enthusiasts
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PawPods For Small to Large Pets

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Eco-friendly, affordable pet urns and caskets

Pet Caskets

Pet caskets for micro to large pets

Heart shaped pet urn

Pet Urns

Eco-friendly, affordable pet urns and caskets

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paw pods mini pet casket

Mini PawPod

Suitable for hamsters, small birds, rats, small guinea pigs, hedgehogs and other pocket pets

pawpods small pet casket

Small PawPod

Suitable for ferrets, bunnies, larger guinea pigs, larger lizards, and small to medium-sized birds

pawpods medium pet casket

Medium PawPod

Suitable for small dogs, cats, larger rabbits, medium to larger birds such as African Grey, Amazon Parrots, larger Conures

large pawpod pet casket pet pod

Large PawPod

Suitable for dogs, larger cats, large birds such as large Cockatoos and Macaws. All pods included seeded leaf flowers.

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