Our Pet Loss Community

Who We Are and What We Believe

The PawPods Pet Loss Community started out as a group of experts in the pet aftercare industry who wanted to make difference in the lives of pet owners. We teamed up with leading Veterinarians across the country who shared our desire, and were joined by grief counselors who specialize in pet loss. Our goal was simple, to improve every single aspect of losing an animal best friend by creating a community of professional support and providing unlimited access to information and resources.

The PawPods Pet Loss Community began out of the belief that while losing a pet is a terrible experience, you should not have to go through it alone. We wanted everyone who has lost a pet, or whose pet is in the transition process of life, to know that there are people who care about them, their pet, and what they are going through. The support for this idea was overwhelming, and we immediately saw that there were many people who wanted to join us to be able to show their support for fellow pet lovers. Very quickly an open community was born, where anyone could start discussions, or ask questions to other members who may have gone through similar problems with their pets. With this added concept of including pet lovers, just like you, as members of our Community, a completely unique experience was created.

We believe that the PawPods Pet Loss Community can make a difference in the lives of pet owners and their beloved pets. Our promise is to provide a safe and understanding place for you to have open discussions with other members of the community about your experiences and to receive judgement free support. Through access to informative content and our professional resources, as well as the support of fellow PawPods Pet Loss Community members, we will help you every step along the way of saying goodbye to your animal best friend.

Why We Created This Pet Loss Community

We created the PawPods Pet Loss Community for you. We want you to have access to the information and community support that we wished we had had when we lost our first pets. We understand what it feels like to lose a pet, and that a pet isn’t just a pet, they members of your family. Saying goodbye to family is among the most difficult things to do in life. Our goal in the PawPods Pet Loss Community is to give you all of the tools you could need in order to ease the difficulty of this task. We have combined information and resources from across the web, textbooks, and articles in order to give you a single stop for everything you may wish to know about pet loss. We also believe that information can only do so much, and that sometimes what you need most is someone to talk to about your experience. Our free, online community is composed of some of the most caring individuals you will ever find. Most have gone through painful loss, and all members care deeply about you and your animal best friend. The PawPods Paw Pods Community was created for you, use it as a resource to help you through your loss. If you find that the content and members were helpful to you, please considering joining us and share your experience in order to help others in the future.

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