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About Our Community

The PawPods Pet Loss Community started out as a group of experts in the pet aftercare industry who wanted to make difference in the lives of pet owners. We teamed up with leading Veterinarians across the country who shared our desire, and were joined by grief counselors who specialize in pet loss. 

Our goal was simple: To improve every single aspect of losing an animal best friend by creating a community of professional support and providing unlimited access to information and resources for free.

The information here is divided into the categories below. Click on them to go to the category’s main page, where you will find related articles and blog posts.

End of Life Planning

Here you will find thoughtful guidance and information about preparing for and planning the end of your beloved pet’s life. You will also receive support from other PawPods Pet Loss Community members who have gone through similar difficulties and decisions with their own pets. An active discussion board here lets you know that you are not alone, and that there is always loving support and understanding in our community.

Advice For Parents About Pet Loss

Family Pet Loss Burial Memorial Casket

A wonderful resource for parents and their children regarding pet loss. Here you will find an ever growing forum with important topics on some of the most difficult questions parents have asked our community. As well as helpful information for parents about their children and how losing a pet can effect them.

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