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Large Paw Pod


We have created a unique product to help enable backyard burials for pets of all sizes, while at the same time being earth-friendly. The Large Paw Pod is suitable for medium sized dogs, large cats, etc. and measures 26” x 18” x 10”.  Interior dimensions are 22" x 13" 8". Our Eco-friendly pods are made of bamboo powder, rice husk and corn starch, but have been weight tested at over 200 lbs and are quite sturdy. They degrade in 3-5 years after being introduced to the environment.  Each product comes with a seeded wildflower leaf as well as a sympathy card. We believe that it's important to incorporate the whole family during this difficult time and have thus designed all of our pods so that they can be decorated with paint or marker to help children feel involved.

Posted Dec 24th 2016 by JANE HILL

I was very surprised to find such a product that would give my precious dog a proper burial. My grief was so great that I needed purpose to make his end of life proper and special. Thank you, I will spread word that this is available and wonderful.

Paw pods
Posted Aug 30th 2016 by Chris

There shipping was very fast and I like that it's air tight and biodegradable it was very hard to let her go she showed up on my door step 10 years ago and she opened my eyes to the needs of older dogs with special needs,they just want someone to love and someone to show them love she changed how I think of dogs she became I member of the family the first day i set eyes on her and she deserved a proper burial she is now resting in her own little cemetery i fixed up for her thank you for helping with of the hardest days of my life a day hasn't gone by I don't shed tears thinking of her

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Height 11.00
Width 19.00
Depth 29.00
Sku 859151004067
Large Paw Pod