Fish Pod - Natural


Paw Pods has created a unique product to help enable backyard burials for pets of all sizes, while at the same time being earth-friendly. The Fish Paw Pods are suitable for small to medium size fish such as Gold Fish or Beta Fish and measure 4.75” x 2.9” x 2”.  Our Eco-Friendly pods are made of bamboo powder, rice husk and corn starch. They degrade in 3-5 years after being introduced to the environment.  Each product comes with a seeded wildflower leaf as well as a sympathy card. We believe that it's important to incorporate the whole family during this difficult time and have thus designed all of our pods so that they can be decorated with paint or marker to help children feel involved.

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Height 6.00
Width 6.00
Depth 7.00
Sku 859151004104
Fish Pod - Natural
Fish Pod - Natural