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Paw Pods Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities on Red Crow

Paw Pods has exciting news! We are expanding our business so that we can help more pet lovers responsibly and respectfully say goodbye to their pets - no matter how large or small. Since we founded Paw Pods in 2014, we have helped over 45,000 pet lovers remember their loved ones with our biodegradable pet burial pods, pet urns, and Goldfish Fishpod burial pod. We are ready to expand our product reach and you can get in on the action by checking out our Paw Pods Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities on Red Crow.

In fact, the experience of our founder, Ben Riggan, is the reason we launched Paw Pods. If you are not familiar with the story, Paw Pods was born out of an unfortunate experience that Ben had when having to euthanize two of his own dogs.

Ben had not planned this event ahead of time, and therefore was like the majority of pet owners who do not think ahead about what will happen the day their pet dies. He was shocked to learn a traumatic lesson. On that fateful day, Ben took his 14-year-old Springer Spaniels to the vet and was informed that it would be best to euthanize them.When faced with this gut-wrenching decision and how to handle their remains, Ben chose to bring his beloved friends home to bury on the hunting land where they had spent so many hours together.Much to Ben’s shock, his animal companions, who had been loved like family, were returned back to him in “glorified” plastic bags.This experience touched him on a level that millions of other pet owners were also experiencing every day.

From that day, Paw Pods set out to change the world of pet aftercare and we are not done yet!

Today, we take a vital step forward in growing our business. Paw Pods is excited to announce our partnership with RedCrow Crowdfunding, a niche crowdfunding site focused on helping unique businesses grow.

Why RedCrow Crowdfunding?

RedCrow is different from many crowdfunding sites in that they have developed a carefully selected network of partners. Each partner has a credible reputation, and a proven track record for successful deal selection. The collective knowledge and expertise of the RedCrow team allows them to better assess a company’s potential for success and thus vets companies that are ready to take the next step.

First, we want to say thank you to all of our supporters and customers.Like many businesses, we love our customers.In fact, we believe that our customers are the backbone to our business.So much so that we have decided to raise our acceleration capital round via crowdfunding.By doing this, we are opening up our business so that our customers and supporters can share in our future success.

Starting today, we are raising our acceleration capital on RedCrow. Paw Pods is raising $1,500,000 to increase marketing and advertising, fulfill large orders, and build out a digital platform for friends and family to learn about pet aftercare.Most importantly, we are allowing the first 100 investors ownership in Paw Pods at the minimum investment of $1,000!  Check out the details here:

Paw Pods Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities on Red Crow